Buvo patenkinti šiuo kūno serumu ir mėgo mandarinų ir bergamočių kvapą. Prašome Laišką mus nuo am. Pagal tvarkaraštį reikia treniruotis kasdien, bet kartą per savaitę jūsų laukia joga, kuri padės raumenims atsigauti.

Nuo svyruojančio svorio, nėštumo ar tiesiog laiko, kai pasivysi mus, oda gali pradėti gesti, o kūno raukšlės gali pasireikšti.

This camera has a swiveling body that allows the lens and LCD section to move independently. It enables shooting picture from much more imaginative angles, like from the waist or overhead and allows better composition for self-portraits.

The S4 features a 10x Zoom-Nikkor lens that delivers a mm zoom range 35mm equivalent that gives the user the freedom to capture everything from extreme close-ups to architecture and landscapes.

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A large, bright 2. The D-Lighting function enables the user to rescue shots taken with insufficient flash or excessive backlight.

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The user simply has to select body slim fix apžvalgos image in question and D-Lighting automatically creates a copy, but with enhanced detail and lighting wherever necessary. Once detected, Face-priority achieves sharp focus on the face automatically, producing pleasing portraits no matter where the subject was positioned in the shot.

In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, which has the ability to detect the unfortunate red-eye effect that can occur when taking portraits with flash. Automatically correcting for the effect for a better quality portrait, In-Camera Red-Eye Fix lets you use the flash with greater confidence.

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Alerting the user whenever a shot may have been compromised by camera shake, it provides a chance to take another image before leaving the scene. The S4 can be powered with a pair of AA-size batteries, which are widely available around the world in alkaline, lithium or other forms, making the camera well suited to travel.

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A selection of 4 Movie Modes offering up to 15fps performance. Offering PictBridge compatibility, the COOLPIX S4 makes printing easy, allowing the camera to be directly connected to compatible printers to produce photographs without the need for a computer.

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